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 Nuevo server l2j high five x7!!!

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Cantidad de envíos : 2
Fecha de inscripción : 08/09/2011

MensajeTema: Nuevo server l2j high five x7!!!   Lun Sep 12, 2011 4:23 pm

Introductory/Overview :
"Core" is considered to be a low rate, alternative, RP-focused Server. Its build is a "mixture" which harmonically implements relatively new concepts/features, having been introduced in the three latest major game expansions (i.e. ranging from "Hellbound" and "The Kamael" all the way up to "Freya"). The Server's primary goals include balance in all gameplay aspects, stability,security - not to mention fun !

Supported Client :
The version of the Game Client which is currently supported is CT 2.6 (Freya High Five). View the TOPIC on "CLIENT DOWNLOAD AND INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS" in order to obtain your copy.

General Rates :
EXP/SP/Adena : x7
Mercenary Guard Price : x7
Spoil : x5
General Raid Boss Drops : x5
Drops/Manor/Fishing : x3
Raid Boss Jewellery Drops : x1

Quest-Specific Rates :
Item Drop Frequency : x2
Adena Reward : x1
EXP/SP Reward : x1
Item Reward : x1

Buffs/Enchanting/Grand Olympiad Games :
Buff Durations : Retail
Enchant Rates : Retail
Maximum Enchant : +16
Daily Olympiad Match Registration Period : 20:00-00:00 (EET)

Security :
An advanced Protection System tirelessly guards "Core" against Game Client emulators (such as botting programs) and all kinds of malicious software.
Current Multiboxing Restriction : 3 Clients/PC

Quality :
The most complete Geodata Pack available for High Five at present; guaranteeing the smoothest possible traversal of characters through the map.

Miscellaneous Information/Features/Modifications :
Reworked Grand Boss Droplists - Vorpal (best gear up to this point) is dropped by Antharas, Valakas and Scarlet van Halisha.
Instanced Zaken Raid Modes
Retail-like High Five Skills
High-Five Grand Olympiad
Retail-like Level 11 Hellbound Isle
Delusion Chamber
Revamped Hunting Grounds and Related Quests
Expanded Seven Signs Quest Series (as of Freya)
Underground Castle (Instanced) Dungeon System
Castle ("Rim") Pailaka Instance
Rare Item Auctioning System
Blacksmith and Merchant of Mammon Current Location auto-announced by Server.
Nevit's Blessing Game Function disabled, to promote "healthier" EXP-Gaining.
Manual Skill Learn with spellbook possession requirement for learning normal skills Removed
1st and 2nd Class-Transfer Quest Items purchasable from NPC Faenor (Einhasad Trader), located in Giran.
Offline Trading : Initiate your Private Store and click "Exit".
Predefined Trade Zones : Restricted (No-Shop) Zones around Already Existing Trading Characters and NPCs.
"Voiced" .exp/.expoff "Commands" which allow players to (de-)activate EXP-Gaining at will.
"Deinonychus Mesozoic Stone" (dinosaur pet Summon Item) obtainable as a Drop by "Deinonychus" Monsters, showing up on the Outer and Inner Hunting Grounds of the Primeval Isle.
Frequent Events to ensure lack of boredom - Further info on the "EVENTS" sub-FORUM.

Infrastructure :
CPU : Intel i7 Extreme @ 3.3 GHz
RAM : 12 GB DDR3
HDD : 3 x 1.5 TB SATA II (RAID)
Bandwidth : Unmetered
Availability : 99.999 %

Maintenance :
Automated Maintenance Restarts : Every Day at 08:00 AM (EET), unless stated otherwise.

+500 players!!!!

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Nuevo server l2j high five x7!!!
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