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Fecha de inscripción : 08/07/2012

MensajeTema: LINEAGE][BORT PVP SERVER   Jue Nov 29, 2012 10:41 pm

-> Safe: +6
-> Max: +20
-> Normal Enchant Rate 70%
-> Blessed Enchant Rate 90%
-> Divine Enchant Rate 100%
-> ancient Enchant Rate 100% (Limit +25, only for tvt and olympiad winner's)
-> All Rates X2000

TvT Antibot System.

<-- Custom Skill -->

- added the new custom skill clan advent ! , May get all the leaders of the clan who own a castle, that skill is obtained through the Lord's Crown and acts as an active skill, the buff has no duration and affects all clan members who are around The Castle Lord in a range of 2000 or less the effect is (M.Atk +4% P.Atk, P.Def, M.Def 6%) the effect of the buff disappears when logout,Grabs Your Clan and get your own castle!


-> all transformations can buy with gold bars.

<=> Custom Donation/olympiads : ->
->if you fight in the Olympiads have the opportunity to get donation items without paying anything!
-> Buy [AIO]Buffer Certification with Skills +15/+30 available for every hero paying tokens!
-> Hero weapons allowed enchant and atribute with the same status that weapons GoD!

<=> Custom Zones: ->
-> New danger zone oppened with the most important drops inside : blesseds(90%),divine(100%) from angels and raidbosses.
-> custom clan reputation zone with this zone can you and your clan members farm points fast and easy!
-> Dragon valley Custom Drop Adena Zone, with the new mobs high five!


<=> Full NPC SchemeBuffer:
-> Max buffs: Normal - 40; Dance - 20; Trigger - 15;
-> All buffs: PP,SE,EE,WH,WC,OL,BD,SWS,Cats! (No Kamael)
-> Includes a scheme buffer where you can manage your own buff sets.
-> All buffs are free.

<=> GM Shop: ->

-> Quest items for Clan level Up,
-> noblesse With PvP's.
-> Up to s84 Weapons, armors, Jewels
-> Shots, Potions, Consumables
-> New Armor/Weapons/Shields Goddesse of destruction
-> Vip's- Wizard and Warrior.

<=> Global GK:
->Updated With all new Teleports And Zones For Farm Clan Reputation Points, Mantras ( High/Low drop) And Adena

<=> PvP / Pk Color System:
-> Automatique System Color change your name and your title when you get pvps and pks!.

<=> Class Master:
-> Use Tutorial Guide to Change your class.

<=> Server Events & Games Information:
-> Auto Events: Zombies Invasion,MotoGp,CTF, TvT With Special Raidboss With Alot Of drops including olympiad tokens , divine scrolls, blessed scrolls and more!.
-> Passive Events: Mantras[Fire,Water,Wind].
-> Events managed by the GMs.

<=> Working features:
-> All High Five zones are working.
-> Many High Five features are working.
-> Resist formulas are retail-like (not like the other ordinary servers)
-> Territorial Wars
-> Siegable Clanhalls

<=> More Information:
-> Max element is Lvl 9.
-> Sub-classes are without quest. Max 3 subclasses are allowed. Max level for a subclass is 85.
-> All talismans work
-> All skills are auto-learned. Including the ones from the forgotten scrolls.

come play with us and you will not regret!

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